Learning how to make an impact through adventure with Isaac Kenyon

Ep.71 20/02/022

“The definition of inspiration is to help someone who may not believe in themselves, to then believe in themselves.”

Isaac Kenyon is a young man adventuring his way to a purpose to better the world that we live in. 

Isaac’s journey is one that takes us through his journey of life. Isaac  was born on the 5th December 1993 and raised in Luton, Luton is a place of full diversity and culture, with very interesting people from all around the world, But amongst this was a serious lack of opportunity. There was a serious lack of opportunity to do other things that were not ‘normal’ such as adventuring and that is where Isaac had to begin to take his own route.

After a battle with his own mental health and struggles within his own personal life, Isaac decided to do a relay race across the channel, which led to more adventures such as climbing Kilimanjaro and rowing the Atlantic and eventual creating Pedal 4 Parks (now called Climate Explorers): We are a community interest company with the mission to highlight climate solutions, raise environmental awareness, and promote physical and mental wellbeing through eco-adventures in the great outdoors.

A tale of what adventure can bring when you are willing to live outside of the ‘box’


Isaac Kenyon