How Sport Can Help You Make a Difference With Stacey Copeland

Ep.37 27/05/2021

“Leadership is action and not a title”

Stacey Copeland is predominantly known for playing football and boxing and her involvement in sport.

As a child when Stacey played in her first primary school game, she was made to leave the football pitch because they realised, she was a girl, so it meant she had to go home and cut her hair short so she could disguise as a boy so she was able to play.

At the age of 14 years old, Stacey was playing football for Stockport County and was selected for the first team. Stacey then moved to play in the premier league before being selected to play for the England national team.

Stacey then moved to the USA to continue her dream playing football and studying and to get away from some a seriously difficult circumstances at home. During the close season Stacey had kept up her fitness, by training boxing. In her final year, Stacey broke her leg and it completely devastated her and after some challenging circumstances, she realised that she didn’t want to play football anymore.

Having returned to England, Stacey decided her next career path, and to many people’s surprise that was in high level boxing. She wanted to win the national boxing title like her father and during her career she became European silver medallist, national champion and won the commonwealth title.

“I will find a way to make a difference, for my life to make a difference and to help other people.”

Stacey has now retired from professional sport, but works for the BBC as a radio presenter, she works in schools two days a week, an inspirational speaker and also the founder of the Pave the Way Charity, that aims to show that gender should not be a barrier to human potential.

“I think of inspiration as a positive petrol tank”


Stacey Copeland

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