Going from Party Boy To Endurance Role Model In The Name of Charity With Brendan Rendall

Ep.27 18/03/2021

“Don’t put that barrier up, just because you have reached a certain age”

Brendan Rendall has changed the lives of so many people, whether by encouraging them through his sincere work within schools or running extreme challenges to help children around the world.

Brendan really struggled through school and he eventually got to University and his life was one of a self proclaimed ‘hard core raver’ and drugs and alcohol were a major part of his every day life.

Brendan just lived for the weekend and did not really have a focus, until a bet with his friends to do a half marathon changed everything. Brendan had never previously ran and it brought routine, structure and everything Brendan had been craving!

I guess they say the rest is history… Brendan has now raised over £100,000 for various charities such as FOMO in Malawi and Chester Zoo here in the UK. He has done some huge endurance challenges and has shown people that there is really nothing we cannot achieve. For example Brendan ran  27 marathons in 27 days, 708 miles in 27 days in 2016 and in 2018 he ran 2,474 miles across Africa in 98 days, in what Brendan describes as “ 98 days of kindness”.

An inspiration for all he comes across and a story to remind us that we all possess infinite potential.


Brendan Rendall

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