From trauma and addiction to resilience coaching: Josh Connolly’s healing journey

Ep.6 22/10/2020

“The trap is living your life always believing that you’re trying to get somewhere and if you do that you’ll miss the moment, so today I don’t live by goals I live by intentions.”

This week Krish welcomes resilience coach Josh Connolly to the podcast. Growing up in fear of his alcoholic father and with a lack of space for his emotional needs to be met at home, Josh learnt to push down his trauma and mask his feelings. Over the years Josh continued to struggle with buried emotions, moving from gang involvement as a teenager to football violence and emotional reliance on alcohol and drugs, until he reached the point that he was heavily in debt and struggling with addiction. In early 2012 Josh became sober, but he struggled to face his buried trauma, and planned to take his own life. 

Thankfully, an experience with his children made him change his mind. Josh realised that ‘what was killing [him] was coming from inside’. Determined to help himself, he began consuming podcasts and books about trauma and addiction whenever he had the chance. He set himself a goal; to leave his job and start his own business by the end of the year, working towards a purpose he cared about.

Helped by his cousin, Josh met this goal and began coaching, eventually leaving his job to develop the business he runs now; providing resilience training, and helping others to address trauma and suppressed emotions of their own. Josh discusses how he now lives by intentions, setting these daily, and always strives to be the best he can be. He reminds us ‘it’s all about becoming…always changing…always evolving’; the healing journey is a continuous process.

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