From Imprisonment to freedom though adventure with David Haze

Ep.49 19/08/201

“Life is not about money, it is about living your happiest life and embracing that”

After reaching the lowest point in his life David Haze realised he was distracted from his true values and what made him come alive. David is now on a journey of ‘self discovery’, a quest to take his love for adventure and bringing people together out into the world with the aim to inspire and motivate personal growth.

David has spent years behind bars in prison for committing some quite significant crimes, which is why he now wants more people to break free, come alive and take that step into the unknown to truly live through adventure no matter how big or small. If you have a vision, then commit to it, give it your all and do not let outside factors stop you. The only thing that will hold you back in life is yourself.

Remember to be kind to yourself, love one another and support those who may be struggling.


David Haze

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