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From debilitating panic attacks to award-winning motivational speaking with Madiha Sosan

From debilitating panic attacks to award-winning motivational speaking with Madiha Sosan

Ep.10 19//11/2020

“Sometimes you need to have a breakdown in order to have a breakthrough”

Born in Pakistan, Madiha moved with her family to the UK aged 7 and despite language barriers she enjoyed school and became captain (and only female member!) of her school’s cricket team. However, aged 13 Madiha’s life went from ‘happy family to complete darkness’. Madiha’s father was diagnosed with bladder cancer, passing away within the year. Following this, her mother became very ill and at 14 years of age Madiha became her mother’s full-time carer. Having experienced anxiety, depression and panic attacks previously, Madiha’s symptoms worsened; she began to struggle leaving the house, having panic attacks even upon entering the garden.

Four years ago, Madiha had an out of body experience that changed her life for the better. Madiha describes this experience, and how afterwards she felt peaceful and surrounded by love, connected to everything in the world. After this her anxiety began to weaken, and she started to leave the house, gradually stepping out of her comfort zone until she was able to socialise freely. Madiha stresses that you don’t have to have to have an experience like hers start changing your life and your perspective; ‘you can change yourself now…be aligned with your feelings and emotions first, and then everything starts to manifest’.

Madiha wanted to help others find their truth in the way she had done and began to get involved in public speaking. Within 6 months she had gone from having nerves in front of 5 people, to sharing her story to 150 people without fear. She is now a successful motivational speaker and won Best Female Inspirational Person Award in 2019. Though she sometimes has dips of depression, she speaks of the importance of developing the tools to sit with her trauma and stay in the moment. Madiha inspires others to change their life and follow in the footsteps of her transformative journey.

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