How ex-forces Jonathan Beever learnt to deal with anxiety and depression following brain injury recovery

Ep.4 01/10/2020

In this episode, Krish meets Jonathan Beever, ex-royal engineer, who’s career in the forces provided an alternative to the life on the council estate he grew up on that he was so determined to escape. Jonathan’s career was over the moment he suffered a knee injury following an accident playing rugby. 

At first Jonathan struggled to adjust to civilian life, but he did manage to find a job he enjoyed, and was content with his new life outside of the army. 

One Sunday, whilst enjoying a motorbike ride, Jonathan and his girlfriend who was riding on the back of the bike, suffered a life changing accident when they collided with a car. Both suffered serious injuries, including two bleeds on Jonathan’s brain. 

Jonathan’s injury recovery involved just as much therapy for his mental health as for his physical injuries, and he talks openly about his struggles with anxiety and depression long after the visible wounds from the accident had healed. 

As an ex-forces individual, Jonathan received support through Deptherapy, a charity that supports veterans and serving British Forces personnel with mental illness and injuries through Scuba diving. 

This is a story of both brain injury and mental health recovery, and sees two men candidly discuss anxiety and depression, how they manifest, and how to get help.

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