Can Facebook find me a kidney? Finding an organ donor when you’re not white with Simran Sahajpal

Ep.3 01/10/2020

Simran spent many years suffering from urine infections until doctor’s finally diagnosed her with stage 5 kidney disease at the age of 14. 2 years later and Simran started dialysis, which she’s been on for 10 hours a night, every night since March 2018. Simran cannot have sleepovers with her friends, go on holiday, or travel very far from home because of her condition. 

Simran started the Facebook group ‘A Kidney 4 Simran’ to try and find a kidney donor, as she’s been unable to find a match so far, and due to Corona virus has been temporarily removed from the transplant list due to people from the BAME community being more at risk of contracting Covid-19.

Simran’s mature and matter of fact approach to her situation is inspiring – she talks openly with Krish about how her condition affects her but how she will not waste time worrying about what she cannot change. Simran is ambitious and hopes to go to University to study to be a Play Therapist.

If you’d like to contact Simran, or would like to find out if you could be a suitable match, head to the Facebook page, ‘A Kidney 4 Simran’ and search ‘akidney4simran’ on Instagram. 


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