Ripping up the rule book on addiction and spinal cord injury recovery with Sean Bailey

Ep.2 01/10/2020

Sean had a rocky start to his football career when his temper started getting the better of him. He was given a second chance, but this time it wasn’t his attitude getting in the way of his football career, it was a nasty accident on the pitch which left him with a severe C5 & C6 spinal cord injury. 

Doctors told Sean it was unlikely he would walk again. 

Sean’s Tale to Inspire is one of recovery from spinal cord injury, but also overcoming addiction, PTSD and depression. He talks Krish through his process of rehabilitation and how his coaching and management of disabled football teams eventually gave him a new purpose once he’d learnt to deal with his addictions.

Sean is now a mental health first aider, and an award winning Wellness Coach. His business Sean Bailey Wellness provides courses and 1:1 coaching, educating people in areas such as nutrition, sleep, exercise and mental health.  

To contact Sean search ‘Sean Bailey Wellness’ on Facebook, Instagram and Google. 

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