Driving Your Way to a Better Life with Nile Henry

08/07/2021 Ep.43

“If I can’t find the role model, maybe I can be the role model”

Nile Henry is a young entrepreneur and CEO of The Blair project, a social enterprise that is here to create a level playing field for all. Going from ‘ the forgotten middle’ at school to showing each of us that not a single person should be left behind.

Nile started his social enterprise when he was just 18 years old with the aim of making motorsport more inclusive, affordable and accessible, no matter where you come from or your gender. Nile named the company after his little brother who struggled to advance in karting due to the astonishing costs to progress (approximately £120,000 a year to race) and so Nile came up with his own Electric karting series.

The Blair Project exists to inspire the next generation of high tech engineers through electric karting and digital manufacturing & design project based activities to enthuse young people (aged 15-18) to pursue careers in the fast growth science, engineering, technology and digital sectors.

The Blair Project developed an exciting STEM education programme called the ProtoEV Challenge where student/apprenticeship teams aged 15-18 convert used petrol go-karts into fully electric e-karts which they test and race to see which is the fastest and most energy efficient.

Students learn computer-aided-design, 3D printing, battery technologies and electronic controls. Successfully piloted in summer 2018, with launch of a development series in 2019. ProtoEV will act as an essential innovation platform and test bed for the development of cost effective propulsion technologies.

Nile helps nurture and grow their confidence, aspirations and ambition to generate hi-tech results and help them transition onto a traineeship or apprenticeship as well as further/higher education.

Nile is making huge waves towards a brighter future and he is encouraging as many others to come along for the ride.

“If you can see me, you can be me”


Nile Henry

The Blair Project

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