Doing what I can’t’: Living life to the full as a disabled person with Isaac Harvey

Ep.9 12/11/2020

“All disabilities are different … I’m always here to learn and so should you!”

Isaac Harvey has a condition called hypoplasia, which means he has no arms and a weak pelvis, as well as scoliosis (the curvature of his spine). Fostered at 2 weeks old and later adopted by the same family aged 5, Isaac has always been surrounded by supportive family and friends. Though he sometimes experiences discrimination and stares in the street, he never saw himself as different due to his disability; he has ‘always just been doing me, and everyone’s different anyway’.

Isaac has always had a creative mind, and an interest in filming and video production, initially making video clips in the early days of YouTube from wrestling videogames, followed by films of him playing video games with his feet. When Isaac was gifted with a GoPro after working with charity The Dream Factory he began vlogging. This opened many doors and he has since travelled around the world living life to the full; sailing, skiing, and recently, wheelchair rollerskating. He has even been skydiving in Ohio and raised £2600 for charity in the progress. He enjoys challenging stereotypes of what people think disabled people can do, and inspiring others with his actions.

Whilst he has his ups and downs, living with a physical disability has helped Isaac learn to overcome obstacles, adapt to change, and maintain a positive mindset. He speaks of the importance of making the most of what you have, and aims to make a positive impact on people’s lives, one person at a time. Isaac’s message to able bodied people is to keep an open mind, don’t make assumptions, and take the time to learn about disability. To other’s with disabilities, Isaac wants you to know you’re not alone, and urges you to ask for help when you need it; keep doing what people say you can’t, and prove them wrong.

You can keep in touch with Isaac via his social media @iamisaacharvey and also Isaac helps run an incredible organisation Wheels and Wheelchairs, a group of London-based skaters, rollerbladers and wheelchair users!

If you are in a similar situation to Isaac and would like to be in touch with regards to having a dream granted then please get in touch with The Dream Factory A Charity that aims to brighten the lives and encourage hope for children and young adults aged between 3 and 25 years who have life-limiting or life-threatening conditions and/or severe disabilities by way of granting wishes and dreams.