Dealing with life’s crossroads with Charlotte Broster

13/01/2022 Ep. 70

“You can’t express yourself, if you don’t know yourself ”

Charlotte Broster is an outdoor photographer, Mother of three who knows just how important adventure is to her. 

As a child Charlotte moved abroad with her family and lived much of her childhood living in Malaysia, however after a while the family moved back to the UK.

Charlotte did the ‘typical’ thing of going to University and then she got a job, but after falling in love and having three beautiful children she realised that she had lost a deep connection to herself. 

On her 37th birthday when her third child was one and a half, Charlotte remembers the overwhelming feeling of loneliness. She sat in a cafe with her daughter, her husband away working and Charlotte just couldn’t stop crying. She remembers that day as the day that things had to change.

She went on to walk 184 miles of the Thames Path in ‘bit size chunks’ and created a donation page for MIND mental health charity, as she was aware of just how many people were struggling with their mental health. She also started open water swimming and now she is inspiring in so many areas of her life, all whilst ensuring she remains connected to herself.

Charlotte’s tale discusses her truth about having bi-polar and so much more, a tale of truth, honesty and courage.



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