Creating a Wellbeing Farm and Standing Up Against Adversity with Celia Gaze

Ep.61 11/11/2021

“Being an entrepreneur is about living your passion and never letting anyone put you in a box”

Celia Gaze is the founder and managing director of the wellbeing farm and wellbeing corporate.

During her childhood Celia felt that school was a bit of a waste of time and from an early age had that entrepreneurial spirit, selling toys and clothes outside of her parents house (not always with their permission). 

After graduating school, Celia struggled to get a job and ended up getting some work experience working within the NHS, which in turn materialised into a 14 year career. However, things got overwhelming and Celia’s mental health got too much and she was unable to return to the stresses of commiting her life to something where she did not see the achievements for her hard work.

That is when Celia came up with the idea to convert her husband’s farm into a wellbeing farm, which now has developed into a wedding venue and wellbeing farm in Edgworth. Celia has won awards for her brilliant space that she has created and has even become the author of the book ‘Why Put a Bow Tie on a Llama?’

Celia’s journey is one of inspiration and a true spirit to never give up on the better side of humanity.


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