Creating a Fairer World with Bruce Crowther

22/07/2021 Ep. 45

“If you bang your head against a brick wall long enough it will fall, but it may give you a serious headache”

Bruce Crowther is the founder of the Fair Trade Town Movement and received an MBE for his services to Fairtrade and Oxfam.

Bruce shares his heartfelt story with us, helping us realise that each of us can make some sort of a difference.

Bruce is also a sub-chief in New Koforidua in the Ashanti region of Ghana, where he received the Beacon prize for creative giving in 2004. In 2007, he was included in Gordon Brown’s book Britain’s Everyday Heroes, which is a collection of real life stories about ordinary people whose enthusiastic commitment has made a great difference to their communities through the “power of personal relationships.”

The author of the recently published book “Not in My Life” Bruce shows no signs of slowing down and his message of encouraging people to take action is one of great inspiration!


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