CPD to Inspire

Successful managers that manage to keep staff motivated and connected with the company for years don’t rely on fun runs or paintball events.

First of all let me tell you that I don’t manage a company with hundreds or thousands of people. I cannot understand how to handle such an enormous responsibility and all the directors and leads have all my respect because of this.

Promoting Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is one of the best way of both incentivising employee growth and at the same time create a stronger connection with the company and the teams.

Here’s why.

People stay in a company because their values align.

A good salary obviously helps sticking around, but even if most people think so, it’s clearly not the glue.

So if you want your people happy and close around it’s easy.
Show them with repeated actions what your company thinks and values.

And there’s a program of ours that promotes just that.

CPD to Inspire.

A unique way of promoting multi-disciplinary development of your teams by monthly sessions led by inspirational subject matter experts with lived and professional experience in their field.

Here's what you will get in here:


Added bonus of them receiving an accolade or certificate.

We're nice (too)

You get to collaborate with a thriving social enterprise which is making waves across the country, raising awareness of social issues and taking action alongside them. It is great for your Corporate Social Responsibility.

Well rounded

A well rounded support and training programme, with consistent opportunity for development.

Less pressure

They can go to the sessions in their own time and not necessarily creating time that previously was not available and therefore adding extra pressure.

Test before diving

The choice of signing up for a one-off for a topic of your interest or as a subscription for a better value.

Easier jobs

Happier staff means less of them leaving their roles within the company which makes life easier for management and HR.

1 year

They will have access for a year to attend to 12 live events.

Cascade benefits

Support leaders so they’re able to better support their teams.

Leaders often have trouble building trust with their team, and we’d like to open their minds and give them tools to build better relationships with the teams they lead.


A session every third Thursday of the month.


Recordings of the sessions for as long as they’re subscribed, in case you want to revisit some insight or you couldn’t attend that day.

Here you can have a peek at our planned upcoming sessions

All sessions are from 2.00pm – 3.30pm
October 20, 2022
Accessibility – Stop talking, start doing
  • What the legal position on accessibility is 
  • Defining “reasonable” adjustments
  • What people with accessibility needs want to see more (and less) of 
November 17, 2022
Finding your balance
  • How to identify and improve your mental balance
  • How you can develop your own workplace balance
  • How you can support colleagues 
December 15, 2022
The kindness class
  • The benefits of placing kindness at the core of your values
  • How to develop and grow empathy 
  • Defining and managing boundaries  
January 19, 2023
Growth resolutions
  • 5 growth hacks you can implement for less than £500
  • 2023 marketing and communications trends to watch 
  • When to do things in-house and when to outsource
February 16, 2023
Amplifying voices
  • How to listen to and hear quiet voices
  • The difference between consultation, collaboration and co-production
  • How to be an effective advocate 
March 16, 2023
Spring clean your workload
  • Productivity techniques and tools
  • How to make the most out of meetings
  • How to decide what to do or ditch

to inspire

12 live events CPD certified
I always thought I was quite a reasonable and open minded man who never made unconscious judgements about someone, but this workshop really opened my eyes at how far society (including me) has got to go to be able to be truly inclusive.

Honest stories from the guest speakers and a really good conversation facilitated by the presenters. If I had to summarise one takeaway from this workshop, it would be to listen to what other people experience and then make your mind up, instead of using “normal” as your go to benchmark. All in all a really good session and Im glad I attended.

Leslie Peacock – Community mental health Support worker

Some managers have these questions

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) combines a number of techniques including both formal and self-directed learning as well as reflection. CPD should be outcome and goals focused.

CPD to Inspire events are accredited by The CPD Group and attendees are provided with certificates to recognise their learning.

Of course. You can sign up for a one-off live event of your choice and have access to its recording for 30 days for £25.

This can be useful to either test if the format works for you, or also to attend to a specific topic that you’re really interested into.

The events are accessible on a one-off or subscription basis.

Live events take place on the third Thursday of every month, with recordings available to members for the duration of their subscription.

You will receive a link to access each event in an email the week before. Using the link you can just turn up to the event and enjoy.

You will also get access to a private area where you will have access to past recordings.

Sure! And you’ll get a juicy discount too even if it’s just 2 from the same company.

Extra discount if it’s more than 5 people, then more than 10, etc. To make it easy, just get in touch with your needs and we’ll arrange everything.

You can’t know without giving them a try. If you are unsure about whether the sessions will work for you, try attending to a one off session.

You can also arrange a call with our team and we can see how we can best support your needs.

Each online monthly session is facilitated by our programme lead Azeem Ahmad and feature our T2I ambassadors who are inspirational subject matter experts with lived and professional experience in their field.

Companies and employees looking to stay on top of their development. To stay informed and learn about social and workplace issues before they appear, and to know ways to handle them.

to inspire

12 live events CPD certified
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