CPD to Inspire 2022/23 Programme

For further information or to discuss your needs please email azeem@talestoinspire.com
2022 Events
September 15 2022

Welcome to CPD to Inspire

At our launch event we will tell you more about the work we do at Tales to Inspire including what CPD to Inspire will cover and how you and your organisation can get involved.

We’ll wrap up this buzz session with a masterclass on the components of intelligence. You’ll be able to apply this knowledge to your personal, professional and/ or organisational development.

The session will be delivered using Zoom (closed captioning will be enabled). A link will be emailed to you 24 hours before the event starts.

To reserve your place please visit Eventbrite.

October 20 2022

Accessibility – Stop talking, start doing.  

Learning outcomes

  • What the legal position on accessibility is 
  • Defining “reasonable” adjustments
  • What people with accessibility needs want to see more (and less) of 
November 17 2022

Finding your balance. 

Learning outcomes

  • How to identify and improve your mental balance
  • How you can develop your own workplace balance
  • How you can support colleagues 
December 15 2022

The kindness class

Learning outcomes

  • The benefits of placing kindness at the core of your values
  • How to develop and grow empathy 
  • Defining and managing boundaries  
2023 Events*
January 19 2023

Growth resolutions

Learning outcomes

  • 5 growth hacks you can implement for less than £500
  • 2023 marketing and communications trends to watch 
  • When to do things in-house and when to outsource
February 16 2023

Amplifying voices 

Learning outcomes

  • How to listen to and hear quiet voices
  • The difference between consultation, collaboration and co-production
  • How to be an effective advocate 
March 16 2023

Spring clean your workload

Learning outcomes

  • Productivity techniques and tools
  • How to make the most out of meetings
  • How to decide what to do or ditch
April 20 2023

Resilience masterclass

Learning outcomes

  • What the foundations of resilience are
  • How you can stress test yourself and your organisation
  • How to bounce back from adversity 
May 18 2023

Leadership for growth

Learning outcomes

  • How to become a change agent, whatever your seniority
  • Finding and managing weaknesses
  • What coaching and mentoring can do for you and your organisation
June 15 2023

Working creatively

Learning outcomes

  • How to define creativity
  • How to support non-creatives to become creative
  • How to work effectively with creative people 

*2023 programme is subject to change based on subscriber needs. 

For further information or to discuss your needs please email azeem@talestoinspire.com