A western middle-aged man giving advice on how to improve the diversity and inclusion in your company might not be the best idea.

Common sense.

But sometimes that’s not enough to tackle delicate issues like inclusion and diversity in the workplace. Especially when you feel you’re behind the competition regarding these points, and how important it is to include them into the company’s culture asap.

Workplaces are undergoing hard transformations in these last few years due to many different reasons.

Delocalization, wellbeing, diversity and inclusion have suddenly become of extreme importance for many companies, even when most didn’t think about them just a while ago.

Tackling them is not straightforward, and if you ask me I wouldn’t ask a “30 years of experience advisor” to help you.

Solutions will mostly originate from people who have faced an issue every day of their lives.

That’s what Tales to Inspire is about.

That’s how we can help.

We arrange expert teams of people, including Krish and our ambassadors too, to come in and help with your specific struggles.

These people have real life experience  with the issue you’re trying to solve.

You don’t need a new inside role just for this.

Here’s what you’ll get if you work with us:


You get to bring in an unbiased expert to improve on the work that you have already set out on. Instead of using recipes to solve problems, you get someone to look at your specific case, from the outside in and develop solutions with you, for your particular problems.


Our consultant fees are bespoke and dependent on what it is that you are looking for. Therefore, our consultant fees are priced differently, depending on the length of delivery, the amount of time it takes to prepare, the support required and the number of staff we are supporting.

On or off

We always prefer offline physical feedback with people, but we can do it online if you prefer.


You don’t have to worry about scheduling. We make it fit, whether it be an hour, a day, or a week. We take the management off your shoulders, you probably are busy enough already.

Out of the box

Since our area of expertise falls inside and outside of the business environment, we can provide a team of leaders with lived experience and knowledge, who have worked on a number of unique projects providing numerous benefits for companies throughout the country.

This insight will provide fresh strategic direction towards workplace wellbeing and diversity/inclusion.


Complex problems require in-depth solutions. We understand that changing and supporting company culture can be a long and time consuming effort.

We can support on particular projects and programmes within your company, or from a company wide perspective, for as long as required.

We can work with you alongside your team leaders, to ensure an effective strategy is put in place and monitored for a prolonged period of time.


Bringing something different to provide a different outcome. Tales to Inspire is a thriving social enterprise which is making waves across the country, raising awareness of social issues and taking action alongside them.

By choosing to hire us to work alongside you, you are guaranteed to gain a more unique perspective than hiring a traditional consultancy firm.


With Tales to Inspire, you do not just get one consultant. You get a team of consultants with a wealth of real life expertise.

We provide a bespoke team who have the relevant experience and qualifications to assist you on a unique basis, based on your needs and requirements.

to Inspire

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Krish is a catalyst for the sparking of ideas and is ever moving in is mission to make working for social good an essential feature of all of our working lives.

Rich Jones | Nova Adviser – Community and Enterprise Development

Some managers have these questions

We’ll go over your needs over email first.

You will decide on the areas you are looking to improve, the past struggles and the length of time you would be looking to work with us.

With that we’ll prepare a proposal, including who will work with you and send it to you on a deck in a PDF file, along with a quote for the work.

From here, we can arrange a short call to solve last questions.

And then we start solving problems and changing strategies.

It’s for companies that want to stay on top of current social problems and up to date. HR managers, Wellbeing or Diversity and Inclusion leads, or Organisation Strategic leads that care about what’s happening inside the building, even when it hasn’t sparked a big problem just yet. They want to make everyone feel better when coming to work.

To ensure that the workplace is always open and developing.

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