Connecting to our inner child and realising the future we have, is ours to decide with Lucy Shepherd

Ep.18 14/01/2021

“We actually got stuck in our tent for two whole weeks, at minus 40 degrees and 90 mph winds, unable to go up and down.”

Lucy Shepherd is an adventurer who took her childhood and let it take over her adult life.

Lucy realised she wasn’t being true to herself, she was consistently trying to fit in and after seeing an advert in the paper for young adventurers her life changed. At 18 straight after school, Lucy went off to the Arctic and learnt how to be an Arctic explorer.

The trip made her remember what it was to be like connecting to her adventurous self again.

Upon Lucy’s return from the Arctic nobody wanted to hear about her trip and she couldn’t relate her experience to anybody around her. She replaced her arctic expedition with extreme running and faced some serious struggles including an eating disorder.

However, an invite from the Royal Geographical society changed the course of her life once again. She met a man who introduced her to adventuring. At 19 years old she was invited to go out on an expedition with 5 military personnel in the Arctic. Lucy’s eyes were opened to a whole new world. She was mapping ice caves, measuring slush flows and being a valuable member of a team on expeditions around the world.

Lucy did try to get a regular job in the big City and realised that the routine of city life was not for her. Every time time she had tried to fit into society, she had felt her inner child start to escape and with that her joy in life. 

Lucy is now a full time adventurer, living her life raising awareness about climate change and being a full time inspiration. She sees us as having a severe disconnection to nature, but wants us to remember that we are a part of nature and that we are vulnerable just as nature is.

The future we have is ours to decide.


Lucy Shepherd 

Action For Happiness