Bringing People Together by Saying Yes More with Dave Cornthwaite

Ep.28 25/03/2021

“Opportunities are there for making and taking”

Dave Cornthwaite goes through his absolutely incredible journey of overcoming self-doubt, severe unhappiness and living not knowing who he was. But he decided to move in a better direction and not look back. An adventure, a community leader and a compulsive doer, get ready for a journey of learning how to say yes more!

He splits his life into two parts, the first 25 years and the years after that. He was bullied at school and didn’t have many friends and that effected his teenage and adult life, but then at the age of 25 things changed. They were either going to change for the better or the worse and Dave had to make a decision.

He realised he was really unhappy and so he started to say yes more!

Then he started skateboarding and after 2 weeks he quit his job and decided to try and break the long-distance record on a skateboard. In June 2006 he became the first person to skateboard all 856 miles of the length of Britain from Land’s End to John o’ Groats.

He then went off to Australia and Skateboarded across the whole country, which would lead to his determination to do 25 different trips of at least 1000 miles on non-motorised transport.

Dave also built the Yes Tribe, a community of people with the mantra of being able to “ say Yes More.” The Yes Tribe is 5 years old and has over 25,000 people in groups around the world, and in total hold around 1000 events around the world.

Dave takes us on a journey of self-doubt and negativity, one that had no direction, to leading him in a life in so many directions….


Say Yes More

Dave Cornthwaite

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