Breaking Through Difficulties with Jaer Armstead – Jones

Ep.48 12/08/2021

“Success is not about how great I am, but it is how great the ones I have spoken to are”

Having been through the huge highs and significant lows in Life Jaer Armstead – Jones takes us on a remarkable tale to inspire.

Jaer Armstead-Jones has been a middle school English teacher in the St. Louis area since 2007. Born to a teen Mother in St.Louis, Missouri, Jaer shows us how to pursue your dreams and to inspire others along the way.

Known as Mr. Jones, in all of his school classes that he teaches, he has always had a burning desire to write books for middle grade and high school teens that they can relate to, find enjoyment in, and books that are alluring to keep them in a state of suspense. 

Jaer has recently written his first novel ‘My Invisible Father’ a story about three young teens who face different voids through similar omissions—missing fathers. And as they try to make sense of their own lives while trying to make sense of the world, they encounter tragedies and triumphs directly related to their fathers. 

“Even when you don’t have that father, there are people there who can support you through life”


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