Aaron Lee: Showing people why helping others matters

EP.80 24/03/2022

“I passionately believe in helping each other and standing up for what’s right”

Aaron is a firefighter and former police officer, who’s roots in Greater Manchester are growing ever deeper.

After being one of the police officers to support the families during the Manchester Arena bombing, Aaron realised he wanted to be connected more to his dream and to make a difference with the people who he had seen so tragically effected by the attack. 

He founded Manchester Remembers and Hive 22 Running Club in Manchester, both of which are charity organisations that raise money for the families affected by the Manchester Arena Bombing and has organised a huge charity football match with Manchester City on April 3rd where all the money raised will be donated to the following charities – some of which were set up by the families who lost loved ones in the arena attack in 2017 – Chloe and Liam Together Forever Trust, Liv’s Trust, The Megan Hurley Foundation, The Remembering Nell Foundation and Eilidh’s Trust.

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Today’s Guest Speaker was Aaron Lee. 

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